About Me

Who I am?

Life-long learner, husband, father of 6, owner of 2.5 acre micro-farm, leading Analytics for Facebook’s Supply Chain, and believes simplicity is just more time in disguise.

Why I do this?

To structure my thinking and provide resources for myself, my friends, my family, and people in my generation striving to better learners, find discipline and focus, and just appreciate more. 

Why should you read this?

You will eventually get results based on perspectives, methods, skills, and resources available in this blog (assuming you take action to learn and apply them). I have been asked to document perspectives, methods, frameworks, and skills that help me think, do, and live. I know others have achieved more than me on any given aspect of life, but I try to maintain balanced results. I learned from my 94 year old grandfather (also an engineer, had 6 kids, WWII veteran, and most successful person I know). Life is a marathon. Lead with appreciation, patience, and service.